Special Mention

Star---Smiling-3Dear Luis,

I couldn’t not pick you to be star of the week this week Luis. I know that you were only chosen two months ago but I am so impressed with you lately that I just had to choose you. The rest of the class also agreed that it should be you up here today.

It’s your writing that has impressed me the most. Since we have started writing in narrative you have shown some fantastic writing skills and your stories have been an absolute pleasure to read. You are using the writing sheets on your desk everyday (without having to be asked) and I can tell that you fully understand how to improve your writing using the skills that you have learned. Your handwriting is also really neat now and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were writing in pen really soon.

You have shown me again how brilliant you are at maths and the work that you have been doing on fractions has been incredibly difficult. However, you have amazed me with how clever you are and have managed to understand the two step operation that you need to do to find a given fraction of a number. This work was aimed at Year 3 and 4 and was a challenge but you have risen to the challenge and done amazing. Well done

You are becoming a regular visitor to the star of the week table as you received the award for sports person of the week last week. Very much deserved Luis as you are talented in sports. I look forward to Sports Day next week.

Keep up the good work Luis!

Lots of love from, Miss Smith x x x x x

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