Star of the week

Dear Jasmine, Star---Smiling-3

Congratulations on being our star this week! You work so hard and you absolutely deserve to be chosen.  I am so pleased to choose you this week!

Jasmine, the main reason that I have chosen you is because of the fantastic attitude you have towards everything that you do! You truly have the ‘stick-ability’ factor that we always talk about.  Every week, you go to Multi sports, Netball and Running club!  You always want to go and you attend every week, even when the other children in our class do not.  I am so proud of you for sticking at your clubs and not giving up.

You not only have a great attitude towards the clubs that you attend, but you have a great attitude in learning time too.  You put 100% effort in all of the time trying your absolute best.  Well done, you are a great role model to all of the other children in our class!

I know that your positive attitude and your try hard nature will stand you in good stead for your journey at Bank End and beyond.   


Well done Jasmine, keep up the fantastic attitude!

Lots of love

From  Miss Hardman x x x

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