Star of the week

Star---Smiling-3Dear Sherona,

Congratulations on being chosen as our star of the week in Year 2. You have been chosen for a number of reasons and I would just like to say a massive well done for overall effort. Since your attendance has improved, so has your learning and I am really pleased that I get to see you a lot more often now.

Sherona you are such a lovely, polite and wonderful girl. You really care about the people in this class and in the school and you are a good friend to everyone. The teachers in school always tell me positive things about you and it makes me feel so, so proud of you.

Your writing has improved so much this year and this is because you are so determined to make it better. You are trying so hard with your handwriting and it is becoming neater and neater each week. You have some fantastic ideas for your writing and this is what it makes it so interesting to read. You know that your new target is to write 5 sentences and it would be amazing if you continued to aim for this goal.

I can tell that you really enjoy singing and music Sherona. You always choose to go to singing for golden time and I can see how involved you get on Wednesdays when Mrs White comes in to do music. You show good listening skills and you are able to produce notes with your voice when asked. This is really impressive Sherona and I think you could probably teach the rest of us how to do it. Finally, I would just like to say how lucky I feel to be your teacher Sherona, you really are a credit to this school.

Keep up the excellent work!

Lots of Love From, Miss Smith x x x xx 

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