The day Y3 found 3 lost dinosaur eggs in their playground…

We couldn’t believe our eyes this morning when we found 3 dinosaur eggs in our playground.  They were all different shapes and colours and had been protected by some material.  We wanted to find out what dinosaurs were inside them so we did some research.  Whilst we were researching, one of us remembered a footprint that we had seen on the banking so we went to have a look and there was a dinosaur footprint that had 3 toes!  This helped us with our research and we could start to make some decisions about what dinosaurs we had found.  We then realised that they might hatch and that we might not have anywhere to keep them so we decided to make 3 nests and 2 play pens for them, for when they hatched.  For the rest of the week, we will be trying to persuade the dinosaur mummy to come back for its babies.  


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