Star of the week

Star---Smiling-3Dear Amy,

Congratulations on being Year 1 star of the week! You deserve this special mention for lots of reasons.

Amy, you are one of our ‘always’ children. You always follow instructions, you always try your best and you always choose to do the right thing.  I can always count on you to be setting a great example for the other children.  What a fantastic role model you are, not just to the children in our class, but in the whole school as well!

I am so proud of how far you have come since starting at Bank End.  When you first started, you had very little confidence in your ability, but now, you know that you CAN do it.  Since you have started believing that can do it, we have seen your writing and your reading continually improve!  I am excited to be on your learning journey with you because I know that you will carry on going from strength to strength.

I absolutely love having you as part of our Year 1 team Amy and I know the children do too.  I am so glad that you came to Bank End. 


Well done Amy! 

Lots of love

From  Miss Hardman x x x

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