Star of the week

Dear Luis,

Well done on being chosen as our star of the week this week Luis.  I am so, so proud of you for all your hard work and effort. I know that you have been waiting to be chosen for a long time in Year 2 and I am really pleased to tell you today that you are our star.  

Star---Smiling-3Since starting back at school after Easter you have had a completely different attitude towards your learning. You are now trying really hard with your writing and this has already allowed you to make progress in just 2 weeks. Your writing is much more interesting to read and I can tell that you are trying really hard to make it exciting. Your spelling has always been brilliant Luis so now that you are putting more effort into the content of your writing it is getting closer and closer to a level 3 every day. 

You are so clever in maths and I can tell that maths is one of your favourite subjects at school (after sports, obviously). You can grasp concepts that are really advanced and your work on column addition and subtraction this week has been really impressive. You are working at a really high level in maths and you enjoy the challenges that I give you and you are always keen to work them out.

You are a really popular member of Year 2 Luis, both with the children and the teachers. You have a good sense of humour and you never fail to make me laugh. You are also very kind and caring and you are a great person to have around. Remember……. You support Barnsley! Not Man Utd or Tottenham.

Keep up the good work Luis!

Lots of love from, Miss Smith x x x x x

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