Star of the week

Star---Smiling-3Dear Georgia,

I am so excited that you are star of the week today. You really deserve this very special award and there are lots of reasons why.

Georgia, I am so happy and excited to be writing this letter to you that I could almost burst! We are all so so proud of the tremendous improvements you have made to your behaviour in school. You are making such good choices and behaving in a much calmer way. You listen to others and follow instructions from lots of different adults. You are treating others in a kind way and showing that you can be a caring friend to others. These were all things that you once found so difficult and now you are doing them completely by yourself. It has been wonderful to see the changes you have made this half term and I can really see your friendships with others blossom.  Keep it up Georgia, this is only the beginning, now show us what other amazing achievements you can make. 

Well done Georgia. You have worked so hard to turn your behaviour around and I really hope you feel as proud as we all do today.

Love Mrs Low. x

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