Star of the week

Star---Smiling-3Dear Macey,

Congratulations on being chosen as our star of the week in Year 2. You have been chosen for a number of reasons and I would just like to say a massive well done for overall effort.

Macey you are such a lovely, kind and caring girl. I absolutely love being your teacher and you always make me smile. You have such a fantastic personality and I am always so pleased to see you looking so happy at school.

Let’s talk about your learning. You are a brilliant reader Macey and I know that this is because you are reading lots at home. You have a good understanding of what is happening in a story and you can always re-tell what you have read. This shows me that your fluency is allowing you to follow the plot of the story and shows that your reading skills have improved massively.

I know that you do not enjoy writing. Your mum and I have both spoken to you about this to try and find out what it is that don’t enjoy. It’s very tricky to think of what to write all by yourself and then remember all the writing targets to write it correctly. We know that this is challenging but we all know that YOU CAN DO IT! Your writing is a pleasure to read Macey and your thoughts and ideas are amazing. I know that you will continue to try your very best with your writing both at school and at home. It would be a real shame not to because your writing is always intersting and exciting. Your writing recently has been just brilliant and that is one of the reasons you have been chosen today.

Keep up the excellent work!

Lots of Love From, Miss Smith x x x xx 

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